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Being the Ideal Neighbor without Compromising

Being The Ideal Neighbor Without Compromising On Those Frequent House Parties

Unnecessary fights among neighbors among the flats in Bangalore are too common to be ignored. These pointless disagreements can rob you of your peace of mind, and take away the peaceful feeling that your home should give you.

It’s understandable; we’re all human, and tend to squabble. You need to know, though, that your actions have consequences. Disagreements between neighbors have been elevated to the courts, and that isn’t something anybody wants.

What if there was a way you could be that one neighbor everyone likes? And what if we told you this was easy to do? With a few quick tips, you can become the one person no one has a problem with.

Quick and Easy Party Tips

If you’re renting your house, you need to tread carefully around your landlord. Loud and out-of-control parties, which may seem a great idea after the fifth round of drinks, can turn your neighbors against you before you can say “Wait, what?”

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Especially when your fellow tenants include kids or elderly people, loud parties are sure to bring apartment management to your doorstep. Here are few ideas you can follow so your parties don’t cheese too many people off.

  • If you’re in an apartment, be especially careful about volume levels
  • Set a time for the party to end: all-night parties are for college dorms, not your peace-loving suburban apartment!
  • Politely ask guests to keep their voices down as they leave your house
  • Respond to reasonable requests from neighbors to keep those volumes down

With these simple ideas, your parties won’t turn your neighbors against you.

Keeping Noise Levels Down

Chances are that your house isn’t built for sound insulation, and noises carry easily into adjacent and nearby houses. A loud neighbor is a hated neighbor, and you’d do well to keep noise levels to a minimum.

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Easier said than done, yes. But not impossible. Here are a few ways you can avoid being a nuisance, by dealing with excessive noise.

  • Turn down the volume of your TV/music system/home theater, especially at night and early in the morning
  • Position speakers off the floor, using speaker stands or rubber mats; this helps prevent vibrations
  • Reduce bass levels when playing tracks that have a heavy low end
  • If you’re playing music in common areas like corridors and gardens, use headphones. The tinny noise from your mobile phone’s speaker may be music to you, but it’s been proven to irritate most people
  • Avoid classic examples of cellphone misbehavior like talking loudly and using speaker phone when on a crowded elevator
  • Close doors gently; slamming doors are a major pet peeve. Talking of pet peeves…

Avoiding Those Pet Peeves

Dogs are beloved pets and great company, but they’re banned from most flats on rent for one good reason: incessant barking.

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Barking is normal dog behavior; save for a few rare breeds, most barking is loud and seemingly goes on throughout the day. If Fido is a persistent barker or whiner, it’s your responsibility to take care of this. There are various internet resources that can help you with this. You could also seek help from your local vet, or a nearby pet society.

Some Other (General) Tips

  • Let children know that it’s not okay to run around corridors and the likes, especially staircases
  • Avoid running loud equipment like washing machines and tumble dryers in the night
  • During the quiet times of the day (like early mornings), avoid using a vacuum cleaner
  • If you’re in a multistoried apartment, jumping around is a no-no when you have fellow tenants living below your house

That’s about it. Following these basic ideas, you’re sure to avoid irritating those who live around you. Landlords will love you as well, seeing as you don’t add to the long list of issues they face already. Agree with us? Or do you have suggestions of your own? We’d love to hear what you think; leave your thoughts/comments below.

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