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Angular Vs React: A Detailed Comparison

Angular vs React a debate that has been going on for quite some time. It is a debate about what makes a framework better than another. Angular vs React, however, does not refer to the frameworks themselves but rather the way they are used in different applications. In this article, we’ll explore Angular vs React, its advantages, disadvantages, features and differences and how they affect your application development. Both frameworks are powerful in their own way; however, as a developer, you have to decide which one fits your current needs best.

Introduction To Angular

Angular is a framework for building web-based applications. It has been used by many companies to build mobile apps as well as desktop applications. Angular is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which means that it separates the logic of an application from its UI (User interface). Angular provides various features and options, such as templates, modules or components for providing advanced functionality and supports HTML, CSS, TypeScript, CoffeeScript and JavaScript.

The best advantage of Angular is to develop complex applications with a

single code base that can be extended easily without the need to change the source code. It enables you to display data in a simple, intuitive way using the same syntax and structure that you would use with HTML or CSS. You can build your application without writing any code at all yourself; all you need to do is select components from the library.

Advantages Of Angular

Below-mentioned are the advantages of AngularJS

  • Has an intuitive syntax, and it also supports other technologies such as HTML, CSS, server-side rendering, Typescript
  • Angularjs is based on MVC architecture with an emphasis on simplicity, clean code and a high level of testability.
  • Provides a modular architecture for developing large scale applications and can be used to build everything from simple websites to complex enterprise solutions.
  • Provides a dozen tools to make the development of complex web applications easier.
  • By just copy-pasting, you can add new components to the existing applications.
  • Developers can build different parts of the application simultaneously
  • It is easy to manage State with AngularJS
  • It can handle dependency injection perfectly and is popular for the same

Disadvantages Of Angular

Following are the disadvantages of AngularJS

  • Angular is a heavy framework compared to Vuejs and ReactJS
  • May slow down the performance of old devices due to two-way data binding and DOM manipulation
  • The development environment is fast, and new versions coming out frequently pose difficulty for entry-level developers

Introduction To React JS

Reactjs is a JavaScript library for developing application user interfaces. It allows you to create reusable components that can be easily re-used in other parts of your application. React provides you with an easy-to-use, declarative API that makes UI development very simple while still allowing you control over the underlying DOM structure through pure functions and data binding.

Reactjs allows you to create dynamic, interactive user interfaces without having to write any code or design the logic of the application. It allows the use of HTML and CSS in the same codebase and to write modular, composable code; that is how it makes it possible to build large-scale, complex applications without having to learn too much about how things work on the backend.

Advantages Of React JS

Below-mentioned pointers are the advantages of ReactJS

  • ReactJS is a functional programming language with a strong emphasis on composability and modularity.
  • Allows you to write your code using virtual DOM. This means that you no longer need to manually interact with the DOM and manipulate it.
  • Reactjs allows us to create complex UI with a minimum of coding skills and without depending on third-party libraries
  • Preferable choice of front-end developers who want to build apps that are fast, responsive and highly scalable.
  • It is based on the idea of components and composites. Components are small pieces of code that can be used to encapsulate functionality. Composites are a combination of components that can be used to create larger applications. This approach makes the development process smoother.

Disadvantages Of React JS

Following are the disadvantages of ReactJS

  • Does not support isomorphic approach to exploit application which results in search engine indexing problem
  • It is View-oriented
  • ReactJS doesn’t support all the features of CSS
  • React is updating, but its documents aren’t. Due to poor documentation, it gets difficult to learn the technology
  • Since it is a combination of JSX and HTML, it is a barrier for entry-level developers.

Angular Vs React: The Difference

Angular was developed by Google. React was developed by Facebook.

Both of them are open source technologies that have been used in the development of various web apps, mobile apps and desktop applications. They both provide very similar features, but they differ in their approaches.


The difference between Angular and React is that React uses the DOM to build its views, while Angular uses the Model-View-Controller pattern to build its views.

Learning Curve

It is a bit tough to start learning Angular (compared to React) because you must know basic concepts like templates, modules, directives, decorators and services beforehand.

On the other hand, entry into React is more simple. All you need to know is JSX to get started with it. Later, you have to learn state management, writing reusable components, and the usage of props for configuration.


The angular framework consists of three layers, Models, Views and Controllers. Due to the same, Angular developers can break the components into separate files, which results in ease of re-use in different projects.

The code in React library is structured and readable. With the use of components, trees get a logical structure and also have functional programming, which makes the component declarative.

Data Binding

Angular is equipped with two-way data binding, which makes changes to the model state automatically whenever any change is made in the UI element or vice versa.

React has one-way data binding, which is beneficial in developing large-scale projects.


Angular employs real DOM, and it is the best choice for SPAs that load occasionally. Here, the size of the library is huge, which makes Angular slower.

React is equipped with a virtual DOM, which is best for apps that update frequently. As opposed to Angular, the library is small, which is the reason why React app is lightweight and dynamic.

Summing Up

Are you still confused with Angular Vs React? Let’s make it more simple. Go with Angular when the need is to develop large-scale applications with dozens of features because it gives reliability and scalability.

Opt for Reactjs when the requirement is to develop cross-platform, single-page applications that are lightweight and modern. With React, one can extend the capability of an application with ease, and that is one of the advantages of React.

If you are looking for experienced Reactjs developers, then end your search here. Rest assured, you will get skilled developers who can build applications as per your custom needs.

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