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There is one common threat across all masses, all governments and all individuals, it is the never ending problem of pollution. Any modern-day activity, right from use of insecticides in agriculture, to manufacturing necessity items like paper or steel, has some or the other by-product that causes pollution. There is air pollution via release of odour-filled gases and harmful smoke, there is land pollution via dumping of wastes and landfills, then water pollution via thermal plants and water sewage dumping, there is no doubt, pollution has been on a rise for a very long time.

To solve this problem, there have been many summits, many discussions and many newly formed organizations. However, one might wonder, how do these groups go about in combating pollution?

Here’s your answer:

Well, they find out what are the causes of pollution, how much is the level of pollution among different earthly elements, what impacts can the pollutants have in the short and long run and how to cut-down on both, the causes and impacts. For example: Water treatments plants are set for water pollution, filters are installed in the chimneys of factories to reduce particulate matter in smoke and only biodegradable waste is being mixed with land.

However, there is still one doubt, how does anyone know about the level of pollution and then work their way around it? Especially considering its primary importance in further research on pollution and the battle against it.

There is always a way forward 

In this case, the way forward is to rely on technology and modern end-to-end solution, called an Air monitoring system. An Air monitoring system is meant to specifically gage and comprehend the levels of air pollution via weather analysis, dust, odour and particulate monitoring wherever the system is installed in. Basically, an air monitoring system keeps a lookout for every pollutant that disrupts the acceptable air quality levels and informs the concerned authorities.

Afterall, you need a tool to measure the situation and analyse it, without which, you cannot find any solutions to actually resolve the entire solution of pollution. Everything constitutes and us liked with pollution, be it particulate matter, smoke, wind, humidity, temperature or odour, you can always count on an air monitoring system to track all of it, all on a real-time basis, anytime and anywhere.

What are the workings of an air monitor system?

Air monitor systems use various types of sensors to detect and understand various environment parameters which are part of the atmosphere around the system. Firstly, the air is sampled via active air sampling. The be it odour filled gases, dust particles or measuring the temperature, the sampled air is passed through sensors made for specific purposes which collect the accurate information about the required parameter.  This information is then noted down and recorded as air monitor data and can be used for further analysis.

Now, some monitor systems even provide with online storage of the collected data which can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime. Infact, Oizom provides with multiple post monitor services like analytics, impact prediction and efficient notifications to its clients. But then, these services only come in play via modern softwares. Old school air monitors still work manually via the help of human labour and limit itself to just collection of data.

Evidently and without a doubt, nothing can work better than an air monitor system to act as the primary surface in the deep fight against pollution. Not just air pollution, it even counters other problems across the globe. Air pollution causes global warming, ozone layer depletion and harms human health, all of which can be resolved once we focus on monitoring the ambient air quality and ensuring air quality doesn’t degrade.

Important features of an optimum system

  • Accurate

The data collected by any air monitoring system, in term sof pollution and air quality should be accurate. Accuracy is of primary importance because this data forms the groundwork for many debates, future analysis and solution implementation. A monitor system should guarantee accuracy by end-to-end solutions, having appropriate calibration and a consistent air sampling technique. Moreover, accuracy also means that it can handle all sorts of weather conditions and not let climate changes effect the data collection process. Hence, an air monitor should be free from external impact and be long-lasting, where it analyses data based on actual factors rather than unrealistic discrepancies.

  • Continuity

During earlier days, air quality monitoring used to be a manual process. There were steps which were each done manually and required ample human labour input. However, when you look forward to purchasing and installing an air monitor system now, it is vital to let go of the manual set-up and go for an innovative and continuous technology. This means, high-end tools, relying more on tech work rather than manual work and counting on online communication rather than offline recording should be looked upon. This is called a continuous air monitoring system.

  • Usefulness

It has to be considered that air monitor system data is not just collected for building a database, it is recorded to be useful for the current generation. Governments use it for taking action against climate change, environmentalists use it for cases and research, business houses use it for applications and control measures.

Think about it, if there wasn’t an air monitor, how would a business man know when it is the right time for maintenance or repair of a plant filter? How would a Government know which pollution causing activity to tax?

Infact, this means that the data collected by an air monitoring system should be in a form where it can be interpreted and used by the masses and easily communicated to the public whenever required.

Now that you know about an air monitor system and its perks that help fight air pollution, we hope that you can use this new-found knowledge to figure out the need for such a system in every park, every factory and every smart city across the globe.

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