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Adnow Review – A Great Way to Monetize Traffic of Website for Publishers - Classi Blogger

Adnow Review – A Great Way to Monetize Traffic of Website for Publishers

Advertising has become one of the true friends of branding. If you wish to make a brand, you must go for advertising it either offline or online. The online form of advertising is much cheaper than offline one and the reach is also diverse. Most of the popular advertisers of the world have flooded into the online form of advertising. They are always looking for some of the best ad networks to collaborate with for advertising. But, the ad network needs to be the best in delivering good results. One such ad networks to talk about are- Adnow.

Adnow Review – A Great Way to Monetize Traffic_classiblogger

Adnow has been emerged to be an impressive ad network for both advertisers and publishers ( The advertisers are always looking to get their ads live on new publisher website receiving good traffic. The publishers are looking for a better source of income. Though Google Adsense is one of the best sources of monetization for the publishers, but still the lack of engaging widget ads makes the publisher to find a better alternative. The native ads of Adnow are engaging and impressive too. They tend to bring a higher CTR and therefore food money than traditional widget ads. We will discuss more on it on Adnow review below.

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Adnow – A Brief Knowhow

Established in 2014 by a group of Big Data & TRB specialist digital marketers, Adnow has now reached across 10007 countries and owns a network of 1700 advertisers ( and over 150K active publishers. This native ad network is working hard to improve its interface and the ads serving to provide a better user experience. Read on the Adnow review and know how the publishers can join this network and what terms that must be followed are.

Terms & Conditions to be a Publisher at Adnow

You need to fulfill certain criteria to be a publisher at Adnow. Though there is no minimum traffic requirement, but still, certain guidelines needs to be met. If you wish to get the instant approval at Adnow, follow these tips.

  • Your site must not have any copyright issue.
  • Your website should not have any objectionable content which includes adult porn, malware, adware, etc.
  • Your website must not be a promoter of any illegal activity.

Here are some of the points that you should follow in order to ensure that you should know in order to avoid account ban at Adnow.

  • To manipulate the number of clicks, avoid using the bots.
  • You must not provoke anyone to make a click on your ads or may not also do the same by yourself.
  • To generate the fake clicks, a publisher should not make use of proxies, PTC sites, and the auto-refreshing sites.

Ensure that you follow the above mentioned criteria in order to get a publisher account with Adnow and enjoy seamless benefits provided by Adnow to its publishers. Go on reading Adnow review and know about its important features that will make publishers opt for it.

Adnow Review – A Great Way to Monetize Traffic_classiblogger_1

Adnow for Publishers – Top Benefits

The traditional widget ads on your website can be replaced using the native ads of Adnow that tend to bring more CTR and RPM. It is a better way to earn more money as compared to the traditional widget ads. Here are some of the best features of Adnow for publishers that will make you fall in love with it.

Easy Setup & Assistance

You start setting up your publisher account after signing it with Adnow and getting the approval as publisher. Moreover, a dedicated account manager is always there on your service with whom you can converse in the local language. The best thing about it is that the native ads can go live instantly.

Safety Check on Ads

The ads to be displayed on the publisher’s website are firstly moderated and then checked for any security threats. Once the no issues are found the ads are displayed instantly on the site of the publisher.

Improved CTR

You can expect the CTR to go as high as 2%. Yes you heard it right it’s 2% and that too for the widget ads. These native ads by Adnow are eye catchy and so a number of visitors are attracted towards them. The average CTR still remains at 1.15%.

Ad Customization

If you don’t like the native ads’ pre-moderated design then you are absolutely free to customize these ads in your own style. The size, color,font, number of rows &columns, and certain other aspectscan be changed as per your choice of selection.

Payments and Threshold

You will be surprised to know that the minimum threshold for receiving the payments is just $20. Moreover, you just have to wait for 7 days to get your payment processed. It follows the NET7 policy that is different from many other ad networks that exist. You can receive the payments through Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and also through PayPal.

Referral Program

This referral program is just for everyone. You can make out few bucks by referring any publisher of advertiser to Adnow. The referral must be done through your unique referral id.


A number of tutorials along with the knowledge base serve as the best source of information while you are using Adnow. In case of any query you can ask it from your dedicated account manager given to you or can join the Adnow’s official forum at to get your queries solved.

Final Say

The native advertising has become quite popular in recent times and Adnow is one of the few native Ad networks that are providing you with this form of advertising. It is very effective over the conventional form of widget advertising and catches more eyes comparatively. Adnow caters to the need of the publishers and delivers an exceptional native ad platform to be harnessed. If you are looking to replace your widget ads with more appealing and interesting ads then Adnow is the first choice you should opt for.

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  1. Thanks Nirmal, for this amazing review but indeed the tool for bloggers. I am glad to hear about this platform and like the feature of low payment checkout system. But CTR is high related to adsense I think google allowed 3 to 5% but this have advert company have positive aspect on the low payment side.

  2. I’m thinking about using adnow besides taboola on my viral website. I hope the earning will be good enough.

    By the way, good review! Thanks for sharing.

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