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In recent years, tens of thousands of New Yorkers have been leaving the state each year for a variety of reasons. When any state experiences a mass exodus, there is always a need for all kinds of moving and relocation services. That includes the need for car transportation services both interstate and intra-state.

New Yorkers have money and folks with money have nice cars. When it’s moving time, the search begins for a car transport company that will do a great job of safely getting cars from point A to point B. If you are in the market for a quality car transport company, you’ll appreciate the following guidelines for choosing the best car transportation services in New York.

How to Choose the Best Car Transportation Services in New York

In all likelihood, your car is your second most valuable asset, your home aside. If you are not a homeowner, your car might be your most valued asset. It’s worth protecting it when moving time comes. That’s especially true if you are moving far enough away that driving the vehicle to your destination is not logistically desirable. Your best relocation alternative will be hiring a quality car transport company to move your car or cars on your behalf.

Here are some of the criteria you should consider when making your car transport decision.


It’s not surprising that your top concern is most likely the transport costs. You need to be aware that each transport company will use a slightly different process for establishing a quote for their service. However, there are several pricing factors that are pretty universal within the car transport industry, including

  • Size, type, and value of the car
  • Time of the year – summers are generally more expensive
  • Type of carrier – open or closed
  • Distance from pickup location to the final destination
  • Storage needs – yes or no
  • Purchasing additional insurance beyond standard insurance coverage
  • Standard delivery versus rush delivery

As part of the pricing process, be sure to compare multiple companies and ask for special discounts.

Transport Company Reputation

Every service company worth its salt has an established reputation. Your focus should be on selecting a highly-reputable car transport company that can offer you references and customer reviews. When you get a few references, you need to invest some time contacting them and asking about the quality of service they received.

Customer Service

As a consumer of services, you already understand the value of dealing with companies that provide good customer service. You won’t realize the importance of selecting a car transport company with good customer service until something goes wrong and you really need help. When reading reviews and checking references, you need to ask specifically about customer service.

Protecting Your Investment

When the time comes to ship your car to its new location, you’ll want assurances that the car will arrive in the condition in which it was released. It’s incumbent on you to take all the necessary steps to make sure that is exactly what happens.

When the transport company arrives to pick up your car or cars, they will go over the vehicle or vehicles in question with a “fine-toothed comb.” They’ll note every dent and scratch to absolve themselves from any unnecessary liability. Don’t take their word for it. Go through the process with them and make sure every issue is addressed. If you are planning to ship other assets in the car or trunk, make sure both parties agree to the contents.

When the car arrives at the final destination, you cannot release the car until everything has been verified. You make sure they are held accountable for any damage that wasn’t listed on the original inspection. You’ll also want to make sure all other assets are present. Any issues, submit an insurance claim as promptly as you can.

With the right car transport company, you’ll realize how simple the process can be when everything is handled properly. The best way to ensure that everything is handled properly, you can do your part by choosing the car transport company you can find in New York.