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Here are the 9 ways you can make your blog visually irresistible to your audience.

In the visual medium of internet, nothing sells more rapidly than glamour. By glamour, I mean everything that enhances visual experience of visitors and force them to return to your blog again. Similarly, when it comes to blogging, you need to build strong visual elements to attract your potential visitors. Have a look at blogs of successful bloggers in your niche industry.

You will find one common element in most of them: visual appeal. So, if you are really thinking to give a boost to your blog, then you have to tweak the layout of your blog in a way that can make it look more aesthetically appealing to your audience.

Here I will outline “9” ways through which you can give a makeover to your blog and make it more glamorous and attractive to your target audience:

1.    Use Attractive Images

As they say, a photo speaks a thousand words. It really does. No one likes to read a text that looks dull and boring. An image not only looks appealing but also more impact to your point. There are various ways to embed an image in your blog. Depending on your specific needs, you can pursue the following methods:

  • Find a relevant image using popular websites, such as Google Images, Tumblr, Flickr or Pinterest
  • Get some paid photographs from any paid photo-sharing site
  • Grab a high-resolution camera and take some appealing shots

2.    Add a Video

Just like stills, you will need videos to breathe life to your content. Videos are more engaging, and they attract maximum eyeballs than any other forms of content. You can find some really “exciting” and “engaging” videos on YouTube. However, if you are flexible with using a video camera, then you may create your own personal videos as well. Shoot videos related to your niche and post them on your blog. This will help you capture attention of your visitors and retain them on your website.

3.    Use Fonts Smartly

Fonts are visual impeller that significantly affects your readership. You need to use your fonts strategically so that your visitors find it easier to scan the content. Make your headings clean and bold while keep the body text plain. Choose no more than two different fonts style.

4.    Select Your Colors Like a Professional

Colors have an impact on mood of visitors and therefore affect your visitors in big way. By using a mix color plate, you can dramatically make your blog appealing to your visitors. However, you need to be a little discreet with your use of colors and use them tactically. Keep a single color for general text and use special colors for important links, heading or other important parts of your text.

5.    Stylize Your Text

Work up your text to make it readable and attractive to your readership. Luckily, you have various ways to make your text scannable and easy to read for your audience. Use headings and sub-headings wherever required and write important points in bullets. Make your text italics, bold and underline to highlight important information.

6.    Use White Spaces

White space is an area of your blog without any content. Professional bloggers use white spaces to give a clean and neat look to a blog. Make sure that you use enough white spaces in your blog so that visitors can easily scan its different sections easily.

7.    Break Your Information

To retain visitors on your blog, you need to break your information and make it skimable. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Tag your paragraphs with relevant headings and sub-headings. Use bullets, lists and numbers to lay out important data.

8.    Create a Killer Design

People attract more to visual stimuli than anything else in a blog. Therefore, an appealing design can make all the difference in visual layout of your blog. But, if your blog lacks high-quality graphic elements to attract audience, you will lose your visitors sooner or later. However, if graphic design is not your thing, you can even get a professional help. Hire a professional graphic designer who can create an appealing design of your website according to your target audience.

9.    Be Consistent With Your Contents

Make sure that your contents are uniform in every part of your blog. When a visitor views a 400px image in your post followed by a 700px, he loses the balance and bounces to another post. In a nutshell, your blog cannot hold visitors for longer time without a homogeneous style. Therefore, it is important that your blog looks consistent in every aspect.

Helen Dina is an educational expert at Essay Boutique, an academic consultancy agency in UK. She also contributes to different educational blogs and websites.

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