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9 Tools For Online Job Search You Have To Try

Online job search is a great modern discovery. It allows people from all over the country or even a world to apply for the job they want. There are no other requirements left except for the qualification. Every candidate has a chance for success. And there is no need to waste time or energy on the commuting to the potential office. Only a tech device and wi-fi is necessary.

What is really great, it is possible to multitask and fill out the application while going for a walk. A new research from Right Management states that 41% of people found their jobs through the networking and 25% – through the Internet job board.

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1. LinkedIn

It is the number one for the professional networking. An obvious option, still, very effective. It is an extremely useful site for the setting up a strong network as well as personal branding. A Social Recruiting Survey from the Jobvite clearly demonstrates that most recruiters, namely 87%, use LinkedIn to find a good candidate.

Therefore, it is significantly important to be present on the platform. Moreover, we need to maximize presence here in order to get picked. It isn't hard at all. First, filling out a profile completely creates an image of an open and consistent person. Second, engaging in relevant groups and activities shows passion and commitment. Finally, some good news: personal photos are allowed. But only if knowing a measure.

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2. Online Reviews

Creating a quality resume is not an easy task. No wonder, resume writing services are on the rise. They definitely help with the CV, allowing the candidate have a precise focus on the interview preparing. But how can you be sure that the result will help you get hired?

This is when professional reviewers can help you avoid mistakes and select the best top resume writers. It is possible to find reviews of all popular resume writers online and selects the most suitable one.

3. Switch

Supposedly, everyone has come across the Tinder. Swipe right – thumb up, swipe left – no way. Now we have a job hunting analog. It stays as simple as it is and enables listing through 50 jobs in one sitting. To make the process even smoother there is a location and function filter. When the parties are matched, Switch sends a notification and an e-mail to both of them.

But there is an actual research data at the very core of the app. To be more exact, the proven 5-second principle is used. The typical time, for which recruiter reviews a resume (LINK 3). Turns out, 5 seconds is enough to evaluate the candidate and make a decision.

The one disadvantage is limiting an app operation of the New York only. Although Switch has plans on expanding the market.

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4. Monster

It is one of the most popular job boards on the Internet and there is a reason for it. Monster is functional and practical, it offers job listings and detailed information about the company (salary data included) as well as pieces of career advice.

The job search can use location, skill and keywords settings to provide employees with the most relevant positions. Receiving e-mails with the customized job listings is a registration benefit. Monster doesn't forget about the people with the need in the part-hour job too. They will find the options as well as specialized healthcare and finance professionals.

When it comes to the advice, the site has to offer numerous resume, job search, and networking tips. But the main particularity is a separate section called MonsterCollege. This one is a remarkably helpful resource for the college students and graduates.

5. Glassdoor

The site is like an open encyclopedia of the companies, which still grows and grows fast. There is all information you need when choosing a job position. It doesn't matter whether you already have a goal in mind or just considering an option. Either way, Glassdoor is a perfect place to do a little research.

Glassdoor arranges copious reviews from the former as well as current employees, which is a valuable information for every candidate. They often consist a salary and work ethic data. And the latter is more powerful than it seems at first sight. Fitting into the company's culture is a weighty factor.

However, the greatest Glassdoor achievement is producing the interview reviews. Hardly there is a better way to prepare oneself for the interview, especially taking into account how tricky they can be. Tips from the workers might be the ace in the hand.

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6. Big Interview

How many of us dreamed about the job interview rehearsal after a few embarrassing failures? Well, here comes an answer: Big Interview, named by Forbes one of the best websites for the career.

Preparing for the job interview is generally very stressful time and requires a lot of stamina. The interview itself is no less than exhausting. That's why it requires an accurate and systematic preparation. But even knowing the right answer, it takes a lot of confidence and determination to nail down the conversation.

Big Interview takes a practical approach. It makes possible to run through the list of questions and answers in front of the computer. The whole trial is being recorded so that the record could be analyzed. This way it is possible to spot any imperfections and improve them right to the big date.

7. Salary Fairy

It is always hard to define own self-worth on the job market. Asking for too little will do no favor, demanding too much means an abundance of cockiness.

Luckily, such a service appeared on the Internet. Now it requires no complicated operation to estimate an earning potential. Salary Fairy does it for you. The method is simple. The site links an account to the LinkedIn profile, creating a plain resume. The resume includes education and work history, but never name or address.

The anonymity contributes to the bets objectivity. After that, a few professionals from the same work field estimate the candidate's professional worth. Lastly, the number is averaged out and sent via e-mail to the user.

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8. JobHero

With such a big number of online job boards, it is easy to lose track. JobHero was created with the solution to the problem in mind.

JobHero gives an effortless access to the mobile app as well as a website. It is customized in form of the dashboard in order to keep all job applications in one place. Aside from the tracking the job search, it even sets necessary follow-up reminders.

9. AngelList

This one will be helpful for the new businessmen. The site works in the direction. Enthusiastic beginners can use it to find the investors, who will help with the funds in the first instance. Employees can also apply to the startup by clicking “I’m Interested” caption.

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