8 Popular Myths about Google Adsense

8 Popular Myths about Google Adsense

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Google finally decided to approve your application to use AdSense; you are overjoyed and can’t wait to get started on your new blog to earn loads of money and lead a happy and successful life. Did you know that all the stories rolling around all over the internet about how AdSense works are not true at all? So, you believed all those lies told to you and ended up making a mess out of your blog but let’s put a stop to all this.

To help you out, here are some Google AdSense Myths debunked for you:

1. Earn In Millions

People have this idea that once they get an AdSense account, they would not have to work anymore and can stay at home while money is delivered to them at their doorstep. The truth here is that even famous websites like Tech Crunch don’t even make millions per month even though they target a very large population. So, for a newbie, it will be extremely difficult to cope with life by only relying on AdSense.

2. Use Same Ads You See On Other Pages To Increase Traffic

You see a certain advertisement doing wonders for another writer so you decide to use it as well. Unfortunately, that might or might not work for you depending upon the type of audience your blog reaches. Just because following a certain format works for others does not mean it will help you out too. So, offer something unique to others so they are tempted to click.

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3. Use As Many Colourful Images As Possible To Make Your Page Look Attractive

It is a common belief that colourful images attract a larger crowd as compared to simple text boxes. While this is true, you also need to adjust your ads according to the material you are sharing with everyone. If you can get a simple text box to fit in neatly with your written information, then it will look better than a distracting colourful image.

4. More Ads Equal More Money

If you believe that plastering ads over your entire blog will get you more money, you are clearly dreaming. Would you prefer reading a blog where all you can see are ads, ads and more ads and nothing of importance visible behind these ads? Browser extensions like AdBlock plus were created keeping exactly these types of blogs in mind, and they block all the unnecessary ads for the smooth browsing experience of the users.

5. You Cannot Use Affiliate Marketing And AdSense At The Same Time

Some people think that if you use both AdSense and affiliate marketing, then you will be permanently banned by Google; this is not exactly true. If you know how to properly juggle AdSense along with other advertisements, then it might leave you with slightly more money in your pocket. In case if you are just a hobbyist blogger, then you will probably only need AdSense.

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6. Money Is Independent Of Traffic

A common thought among writers that no matter how many people click, you will get money accordingly. Google AdSense is designed for blogs that receive around 1000 new visitors each day, anything below that will only give you a meager amount of money. You will be lucky if you get anything at all if you have less than 500 visitors.

7. AdSense Can Be Banned Easily

Google doesn’t revoke your AdSense license if you abide by the rules and the terms and conditions of use. This means that you aren’t allowed to put up ads related to gambling or the sale of illegal materials, and it must not provide a gateway to blocked websites. But, constantly clicking on your own ads or getting someone else to do it may arouse suspicion and get you banned.

8. Old Customers/Users Provide More Revenue And Traffic

You need new customers every now and then-in order to be successful. If you are relying on old customers to be loyal and follow AdSense, then you are greatly mistaken. A person that regularly visits your site would know how you place your ads and would know how to dodge or avoid them, resulting in you getting nothing in return.

It does not hurt to do some research before picking up a new project. The myths and beliefs targeted above are some of the most popular ones that needed to be discussed and cleared. Always remember that the most popular writers online worked really hard to get where they are today. So, donot be discouraged easily if you are not getting the same amount of attention as everyone else; one day you surely will.

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  2. Hi Nirmal,
    I am glad you have exposed these myths about Google Adsense. I used t think getting an Adsense account itself is a goldmine. Until I got approved and I realized it was all false.
    This is a eye-opener for many new bloggers.

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