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8 Gadget Tricks You Must Know - No One Told You About! - Classi Blogger

8 Gadget Tricks You Must Know – No One Told You About!

Usually people discuss about the highlight features of the devices while, other impressive features remain hidden from the users. It is quite common these days that we don’t completely understand the features of our device because users basically focus on the feature of their requirement and then they become satisfied with the device exploration.

However, this will keep you away from some extra ordinary features of your device. In order to reveal those amazing features of your device, we have listed few tricks that will help you reveal amazing features of your device that no one told you about!

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Given below is the list of 8 Gadget Tricks you must know.

 1. Extension of Phone Photo Storage (to 1 Terabyte):

Smartphones still has constrained storage. You can utilize a group of online services to transfer photos to the cloud yet even those are restricted in the complementary plans. Indeed, this is time to remember Flickr. Flickr still offers 1 TB online capacity for no charges (available even for a new account) and you can even now put that to use with the auto uploader in the free application.

Google Photos can be utilized as a second backup of your data since they just offer unlimited space for photographs (original photo size not stored). With Flickr, you can simply continue transferring full dimension and HD pictures (over WiFi) and everything will be safe which mean that if you ever lose smartphone then you would be able to safeguard and backup your stored data of the device without any problem.

2. WiFi Router Hacking:

You don't have to supplant and replace the installed firmware or change the settings of WiFi router in order to show signs of better range (despite the fact that these things are completely possible).

In the soul of Indian `jugaad', you can attempt two or three outsider hacks first. As a rule, they do enhance the scope territory. In the first place, get a purge soda can. Slice the can in the middle with a couple of scissors to make parabolic (bend or curve) shape and place it around the radio wire on your router. Utilize half soda can for every receiving wire if you have multiple wires in your router. This pushes the flag towards one specific direction and lifts it as well. You can likewise utilize consistent aluminum foil for this purpose.

The procedure is comparative – utilize a few layers and overlay the foil into a parabola shape and place it around your router's antenna to enhance the router signal. A third path is to utilize bigger (high pick up) radio wires for the router which you can undoubtedly purchase from offline or online stores.

3. No Need To Be Afraid Of A Little Sand-Water:

Salty ocean breeze is your camera's enemy. However, you can convey your valuable DSLR to the beach securely without any risk and all you need is a couple clear plastic packs and two or three elastic bands. Extend the sack over the lens to make a clear film and secure the lens with elastic bands around it. Utilize another pack for whatever remains of the camera.

For smartphones, there are waterproof pouches accessible for as low as Rs. 250. The smartphone can be utilized just like you always do while they are inside the fixed pouch, aside from the time that you receive calls on your smartphone. If you're willing to do some more, you can likewise try doing some underwater photo shots or videos recordings. Pouch manufacturers don't really make any certifications for this feature, however, this is a good feature but you need to try it at your own risk.

4. Video Baby Monitor:

A video baby monitor can be very helpful when you're away. Yet, you truly shouldn't trouble yourself over this since all the great ones cost upwards of Rs. 10k. They usually don’t offer camera unit and a battery-controlled parent unit with a little screen. Be prepared to pay much more for bigger screens, higher range and the capacity to check in with the camera feed when you're not home.

Rather, you can simply purchase a customary remote IP camera ­ there are numerous varieties with mechanized pan-tilt accessible for Rs. 3,000 onwards. You can look at Portronics or Sricam to get an idea of the product. Every one of them requires negligible and minimal setup and can be utilized with partner applications via your smartphone. When baby is grown up, you can put these cameras to use for home observation. If you like, you can purchase multiple of these and make home-wide network for better security and observation of your house.

5. The Gadget That Pays for Itself:

Thanks to an organization called Oakter, it's anything but difficult to add constant smartphone control to the current plugs and appliances. Consider it like a keen home computerization framework that can be retrofitted to any home. The essential unit can be purchased in Rs. 5,699 which has a wireless center point or hub. You can simply associate this to your home WiFi network and it comes with a few smart plugs which interface with the hub.

When you get the companion application, you will have the capacity to on-off your router whatever is connected with those fittings and plugs. You can do it even when you're not at home. Up to 50 smart plugs can be easily and quite efficiently controlled with a solitary hub. Moreover, you can purchase more plugs as required. You can set auto on-off schedules or just basically turn off something with it since you forgot to do it before.

6. Utilize Sony PS4 Controller With Phones Or Tablets:

If you have a PlayStation 4 controller lying around, you can utilize it with your portable gadgets. It will easily pair and work over Bluetooth, much the same as some other wireless controller devices.

To begin with, you have to place it into a Bluetooth blending mode then hold down the PS and Share buttons in order to do this. When you see the LED shining white then it is reflecting that it is in pairing mode. You can discover it by utilizing the Bluetooth settings page and then you can pair it. You can utilize it for most games that would be able to support Bluetooth controllers. When it is the time to utilize it with a PlayStation once more, simply associate it to the PS4 with a micro USB cable and it will interface quite easily.

7. Secure And Lock Down Your Laptop:

Almost all portable PCs have a Kensington bolt slot. It looks minor yet is metal strengthened from the inside of the machine. This can be utilized as a part of conjunction with a perfect and compatible security cable which will help to physically secure your laptop to an unfaltering or immovable item. One end locks into the laptop while the other can be circled around something substantial. You can get either a key lock or combination. They are available from the starting range of 200 onwards depending on the difference between brand variations including Kensington, iBall and Targus.

8. Include Powerful Anti-Theft Features: 

You can ensure that your laptop (No matter whether it is Windows or MAC) from theft by utilizing software (such as Prey). It's a device monitoring and tracking software that will perfectly work anywhere according to your requirement.

It can be rapidly installed. It doesn't leave any trace behind and won't turn your machine into a slow machine. It awakens just when you sign into your account on the web and mark your gadget as missing. It can do things like tracking the area and noiselessly catch a webcam photograph. It may not be perfect proof but rather there are many instances of individuals having the capacity to recover their machines by utilizing the service.

You can move up to a master account if you require after your gadget is stolen. However, you need to make sure that you have Prey installed in your device immediately. The free basic account can be utilized with up to 3 gadgets (smartphones included) and these can be utilized for a maximum of 20 reports. With the cost of US$5 every month, you can move up to the personal plan which secures up to 3 of your gadgets. With the cost of US$10 every month, you can get Home plan that will protect up to 10 of your gadgets.

Additional Android Tricks:

Smartphone remote control:

You just need to go to “Settings – > Security – > Device services”, and then you would need to check the boxes that are next to Android Device Manager. You will need to Remotely find this gadget, and Allow remote feature of lock and erase. If you lose your smartphone, you can find and block so that you won’t risk losing your data or confidential information.

Turning on Guest Mode:

If you might want to briefly give your smartphone to someone else and yet you want to keep your own information classified, utilize Guest Mode. Swipe down from the top of your mobile with the use of two fingers, and touch the user icon on the upper right. The Add Guest icon will show up, and you'll have the capacity to pick which activities the individual taking care of your smartphone will be permitted to take.

Screen Magnifier:

People with poor visual perception frequently have no clue how much this feature can help them. Simply go to “Settings – > Accessibility – > Magnification gesture”. At that point, you'll have the capacity to zoom anywhere on your screen just by tapping it.

Hotspot Mode: 

You needn't purchase a different 3G modem or a router to utilize the Internet on various gadgets because your smartphone can do this effectively. Go to Settings – > Tethering and portable hotspot, and turn on the setting of Portable WLAN hotspot. That is it!

Control smartphone with head movements:

There are circumstances when you simply need to utilize your gadget but your hands are occupied or it's excessively frosty outside, making it impossible to take your warm gloves off. Notwithstanding, there's an answer for this! After the installation of application called EVA Facial Mouse, you'll have the capacity to control your Android gadget with head movements!

Hidden 3D Touch Features Of Apple:

  • Firmly press Apple's iOS console to transform it into a track-pad that controls the cursor.
  • Firmly press the left edge of the screen and swipe toward the middle to open the application Routerer UI. Another way is that you don't need to swipe for the trick above at all! Simply firmly press and the application Routerer will open up right away.
  • Firmly press on any organizer containing applications with new notification and you'll see a menu with easy routes to the particular applications with notifications.
  • Firmly press on the App Store symbol for an easy route to refresh all applications with accessible updates.
  • Firmly press on the Calendar application symbol for a gadget that will demonstrate your timetable for the day to you.
  • Firmly press on the Phone application symbol for a gadget that demonstrates your initial four most favorite contacts.
  • Firmly press on the Weather application symbol for a gadget that shows current conditions and the day's estimate forecast details.
  • Firmly press on the Maps application symbol for a gadget of your forthcoming destinations.
  • Firmly press on the "X" in Notification Center for an alternative to clear all visible notifications.

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