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8 Alternatives of MS Word you can use - Classi Blogger

8 Alternatives of MS Word you can use

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Most of the people wholly believe that they are “locked” totally to MS Word for the sole purpose of document creation.

But do you ever know that there are equally powerful tools available for the document creation?

And do you know it is available for free download?

Thus, the following information is going to make you aware of those available software tools that are more or less equivalent to the Powerful MS Word.

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Lets see below:


This is an Apache product, which comes with a bundle of five programs that makes use of the same search engine and inherently easy to use. It gives the similar working environment as that of MS Word which makes even the new users easy to stick with. The five programs are Writer(Word Processor), Calc(Spreadsheets), Impress(Presentations), Draw(Graphics) and Base( Database Manipulation).

Writer(Word Processor) works even smarter than MS Word by directly opening pdf files without any need of additional plug-in resources. This is one of the leasing free alternative of MS Word.

Download Open Office for Free

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This software is a part of Abisource Project which is aimed at developing full fledged “cross-platform” application that helps to run the documents to run in any platforms like UNIX, Windows, MS-Dos, etc. It has advanced Layout facilities and mail merging options which allows to automatically fill in the forms directly from the database. Thus, this becomes easy when the developer have to continuously work on many forms.

Download AbiWord for Free

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This one is based on the Wordpad engine but still it is free. The free version is more adequate than the paid version since it is compatible to all Word and Wordpad documents. This tool has built-in spell check feature, export to HTML and PDF files. Jarte also allows to insert tables, links, images just like you do with MS Word tool and does not have any crippled features, ads and trial periods.

Download Jarte for Free

IBM Lotus Symphony:

IBM is offering a productivity package for free. This Lotus Symphony contains a Word Processor, Spreadsheet program and a presentation software. In the beginning, this was developed based on OpenOffice.Org but now many changes and modifications are done in the software tool. Along with the standard text formatting options, it also allows you to insert table, pictures, links, etc. Lotus Symphony tool supports Open Document format(ODF extension).

Download IBM Lotus Symphony

Neo Office:

This is specially for the Mac users which contains Presentations, Documents, Spreadsheets, drawing and database programs that run on the Mac OS. It also offers compatibility with most of the MS Office files especially the version MS Office 2007. This software is running successfully from the year 2003, since it has many special options like importing pictures directly from the camera, adding those pictures and real time videos,etc.

Download Neo Office for Free

Google Docs:

This option is something different from the others, since it allows you to create, share, collaborate documents, spreadsheets and presentations and save it online. This interface is cleaner than any other interface since it allows you to save files online and can publish your document as a web page too. You can hide the visibility and can make the document visible only to the persons you wish to show. No one can edit your document without your permission and you can invite the other collaborators to work with your document. This makes Google Docs more special.

Visit: Google Docs


Than any other above alternatives, Zoho offers 20 online applications including Writer for Word Processor. This is also an online typing option which allows you to type you documents online and save it there. But when comes to the online platform, there is always a threat to lose data when there is a sudden network crash or browser shut down. Zoho has solved this problem by automatically saving your files as soon as you finish typing. You can link you Zoho account to your Gmail and Yahoo as well.

Download Zoho for Free


This newer online application program include ajaxWrite,ajaxSketch, ajaxPresent, and ajaxTunes. This tool currently supports only firefox and IE browser. It seems some of the feature available in the other tools are missing here. This also includes many standard formatting option along with other regular options.

Download AjaxWrite for Free

Those who like to work online can choose the above online Word Processor options whereas others can choose the software that can be downloaded and installed in the computer for the document creation.

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Glad you like all the above Word Processor instead of MS Office.

Comment below to share your suggestions. Your comments are most welcome.

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  1. Hi Nirmal,

    Owhhh .. You mention a lot of alternatives of MS word I only aware with Google Docs and Jarte. I used Google Docs couple of times but honestly I feel more comfort with MS word rather than other. I almost familiar with MS Word so it’s easy to work with it. Thanks for the other resources of MS word.

    Bhavesh Patel

    1. Hi Bhavesh,

      Yes i agree with you man. MS Word is best because of it’s user friendly options. Other than MS Word, we can also use the above mentioned word processor tools instead of MS Office. Glad you like this post.

      Anyway thanks for coming here and keep coming.

  2. ganesh yadav says:

    Thanks a lot Nirmal Sir to share it!

  3. Wow 🙂 It’s such a Great choice & many options to use Alternatives of MS Word. Now there is no need to worry for MS Word. There are nanny choice to use any MS Word according to to own wish. Thanks admin for sharing this nice post.

    1. Hi Monika,
      Most of the writers and document creators are always often using MS Word. Because, it’s a product of Microsoft and also it’s the first and best editing software. Apart from this, nowadays there are lot of alternatives available. Anyway thanks for dropping your comment here. Keep coming.

  4. Open office is the great alternative of MS word and I guess I’ll check rest of the alternatives too.

    1. Hi Samir,

      Yes i agree with you, open office is one of the best alternative of MS Word. Rest of the alternatives are also best to use. Glad you like this post. Thanks for sharing your views. Keep coming.

  5. Hi Nirmal,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    Yes, these are wonderful alternatives to MSWord, and some of them I hadn’t even heard of until now. I have always liked using MSWord because it’s very easy to use and you have the various grammar options, which I wonder whether the others have also or not. I have yet to try Google Doc as one doesn’t need nor use it much, but I hear it’s very good.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Mam,

      Glad you like this post. Even i didn’t heard about all these alternatives before writing this post. I made an in depth research before posting this article. Everyone knows, MS Word is the best software for spell check, editing, creating document etc… But apart from this, there are lot of alternatives available.

      Yes. Google Doc is one of the best online editing software, we can also upload our files and share it others in the google+ network. Anyway thanks for dropping your comment here. Keep coming.

  6. Hi Nirmal,

    Lots of alternatives. 🙂

    In this cloud computing world I always prefer to use online solutions like Google DOC. I read that almost every commenter here suggested that one. 🙂

    Anyways nice post.

    1. Hi Tushar,

      It’s very happy to see that, you like this post very much. Yes, Google Doc is the best alternative of MS Word. We can work with this in online. Thanks for sharing your comment here. Hope to see you back again.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this alternatives of ms word. But ms word is unbeatable i think. Anyway i try this…

  8. I used to like Open Office, now I prefer Google Docs. But if someone doesn’t like Google Doc, Open Office is a good alternative.

  9. I use google products as my primary work tool. I’m in love with those products, it’s free and reliable to work easily sharable, happy to watch Google’s evolution from as a startup company to world’s top most company, absolute hard Work.

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