Plugin, the word is very simple in using, but this single word can change your WordPress site to a great extent. Plugins add functionality to a WordPress blog they are of great use to bloggers. Bloggers can use various WordPress plugins from WordPress repository for various functions. Plugins are an integral part of the WordPress that make it the most popular choice for webmasters today.

Today newbie bloggers, just in the sense of competition push themselves on a mission of downloading and activating more and more plugins they just want to use as many plugins as they can.important wordpress plugins before installation_classiblogger_image

Today, We are going to tell you which things you should keep in mind before installing a WordPress Plugin:

1. Plugins can change the page load time

Page load time is a factor not only for the Google page ranking but also for the user’s satisfaction. Today users want a page to load within two seconds. According to Kissmetrics if the page is unable to load in 5 seconds then users feel and they close the website.

If a plugin is malicious and it then it can occupy more server space which will result in more load time of the page. If you want to check the page then there is a handy tool named Pingdom by using this tool you can check which plugin is taking how much space on the server so that you can fix them.

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2. Plugins can contain malicious code

One of the biggest problems that a plugin can have is that they can contain some lines of code. However, reviews each and every plugin very carefully before they put plugins on their website for download. So there are no chances of getting malicious code containing plugins from website.

But, what about other websites?

Bloggers download the plugins from various other which can be their WordPress blog. Before installing a plugin from a other than you should check some points about plugins. Like you should check review about the plugin and creator of the. If there are plenty of trustworthy then you can obviously download the plugins from that website.

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3. Outdated plugins are harmful

Generally speaking, if you are using a plugin that was created many years before and is not compatible with your current version of WordPress, then it can simply put your WordPress blog in maintenance mode or they can cause some server errors. Any error on the server can cause downtime for your blog. And you very well know that any downtime in the webpage can result in the loss of a number of visitors.

On the of website’s plugin page there is plenty of information about the plugin whether it is compatible with your current version of WordPress or not.

Checking the Plugin’s compatibility with your version of WordPress is a good measure of securing your blog from any downtime.

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4. There are many plugins for a single function

If you have taken any look on the WordPress plugins then you will come to know that there are hundreds of different plugins. For example,there are hundreds of Email Marketing Plugins, hundreds of Search Engine Optimization plugins on the WordPress repository.

For making your blog functional it is obvious for you to try as many as you can that may best suit your site. All we want to say that is you should consider the plugin for your blog.

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5. What you can do with a particular plugin?

A novice to WordPress may install as many as he can. This habit is common new bloggers. They think that they may want the use of some XYZ plugin in future, so they install a of plugins. Let me tell you that this habit is the worst among all. If you have undesired unwanted inactive plugins on your then they will just simply occupy more and more server space resulting in downtime for your.

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6. Look at the Support

Before installing a WordPress you should always check the support page for every plugin. You might know that there is a support page for every plugin on plugins directory. This is a page where users can easily contact the developer of the plugin and ask questions if they are facing any problem regarding the plugin.

If the plugin is then it will have a support page. You will find most threads over there with “resolved” tag that clearly indicates developer is interested . You will always find an active support for the and this is a good sign for using the particular plugin.

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7. Always choose premium option for plugins

Every plugin on the WordPress directory is free to use. But you should keep in mind that every popular (not all) plugin has a premium version also. In these premium the creators of the plugins provide some solutions to the buyer for their blog. You can go for the solution if you want full support from the over the plugin.

Also,some special features in the plugins can be accessed only by subscribing to thepremiumversion of theplugin.

Now from where to get the premium plugins, the answer to this question is there are some sources like from where you can get premium and are at their work.

These are some of the measures which you can take account before installing a WordPress plugin. Your site can be protected from any loss if you follow the proper measures while installing and using any plugin. As a blogger, you can save your time by choosing plugins which authority bloggers are using on their blogs. Here is a list of Must have wordpress plugins which you essentially install your blog.

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