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7 Best Tips for Creating Perfect Whiteboard Animation Video

Are you acquainted with the term “Whiteboard Animation video”? You might be! But do you know its use? It is used to tell a story with the help of drawings on a whiteboard. It is a process in which the person draws on the whiteboard as well as records the video himself.

7 Best Tips for Creating Perfect Whiteboard Animation Video_classiblogger

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Moreover, it’s also a great educational tool. It minimizes the difficulty level of the complex topics.

Do you want to produce a highly engaging and attractive whiteboard video? Great! We have got the perfect solutions for you!

Let’s have a look at the best tips to create the perfect whiteboard animation video:

Consider the power of storytelling:

Do you remember those bedtime stories which your grandma used to tell when you were 4 years old? Yes! In fact, many people remember it because they were captivating and engaging stories. People are much attracted towards the stories. Therefore, you can make use of storytelling to grasp the attention of the audience. You need to effectively engage the audience in the video through whiteboard animation.

You have to create powerful imagery and dynamic illustrations which will naturally develop the focus of the viewers. The viewers should concentrate on the drawings while listening to the voiceover.

Hire the whiteboard explainer video service:

Are you facing problems in creating a high-quality whiteboard video? No worries! What matters most is the quality of your video. You don’t want to make your credibility suffer, right? There are many best video production agencies available online that converts the intricate topics into the best explainer videos.

Make use of the animated characters:

Can you name some movie or book that didn’t have a single character? No! The characters are the essential part of a plot. Without the addition of spices, a dish seems to be bland. Similarly, without the characters, the story seems to be incomplete and boring. Moreover, just like children, many of the adults are also attracted towards the animated characters.

You can make use of the characters to represent the targeted audience. This will allow the audience to clearly relate themselves with the characters. Characters make a video memorable as well as engaging.

Create the interconnected drawings:

The whiteboard videos tend to develop the viewer’s interest and create anticipation in them. The interconnected drawing makes the viewers wonder that what will come next. There should be a constant flow in the drawings and it is achieved through interconnected drawings.

The animation should eventually result in a compelling storyline. Furthermore, sometimes the draw-and-erase sections are able to stress on certain points. But, a lot of cut and swaps damages the continuity of the story and distracts the audience.

Add a little bit of color:

If there’s a black and white image, which factor will make it stand out? The addition of some color! Adding a little color doesn’t mean that you will make it colorful. You just need to add small hints of colors to highlight those important parts where you want to draw audience’s attention. Moreover, you can even make effective use of your brand colors only. Remember, a lot of color causes the distraction!

Prepare the Best Script:

Once you’re done with the script, you need to test by reading it aloud. The script must sound natural. It is the most important part of your explainer video. Therefore, you should lay down your complete focus on the script while making an animation video. It should be of not more than 240 words. As the video is purposely made to engage the audience; therefore, its duration should be less than 3 minutes.

Remember to add the hand:

The hand is one of the imperative components of a whiteboard video. Without the hand, the whiteboard style appears to be of no use. The whole concept of the explainer video will go bland without the appearance of the hand. The main point of the video is that the drawing should be hand drawn.

Are you ready to apply these tips to your animation video? Good! Making a whiteboard animation video is as enthralling and fun as watching the video. You should definitely give a try to such tools!

Bio: – William Morris is an academic writer at AssignmentTutor. He is working as a writer since 5 years and has 3 years of experience of social media marketing as well he has keen interest in reading educational blogs and novels. His aim is to assist students in Assignment Help so that students get good marks in exams.

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