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Will App Store Approve the App In Single Instance?

You might have come across this question multiple times. Every iOS developer struggles with this question on heading to his or her next iPhone apps development project. It is indeed a vital question, which decides the future of any programmer, especially in case of iOS.

Governed by Apple, App Store follows certain guidelines to maintain the code of conduct in the applications made for using in iOS applications. Therefore, the quality controlling team tests an application in accordance of its overtly criticized policy. But, this policy is like a holy book for iOS developers. If you are a young iOS developer then you will get to know the key reasons that pave the way for the rejection of an app. You will love to know about these reasons.

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• Pornographic Contents

Steve Jobs has ones shared his notion that Apple understand its responsibility towards children. Hence, they do not leave any scope of using pornographic contents in its devices. It is important to keep the kids away from porn until they achieve adulthood. So, Apple does not allow any instance of pornography in iOS apps regardless of any reason. Therefore, the app should not include any such stuff that can cause the rejection.

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• Conflict with Host’s Interests

In last few months, the world has seen the rejection of two renowned App Discovery applications like AppMyWorld & AppGratis. As per the comment of App Store, the applications were conflicting with the ‘App charting’ service of App Store. Therefore, your app should not provide similar services like your host.

• Relation with Real World Politics

It is really an interesting clause to keep iPhone users away from using political commentary free applications. You cannot even if you want to comment on any real world political event, structure, personality via your app. It is strictly prohibited.

• Duplicity In App

Your App should not give challenge to any other app in the same way. However, you can outplay your rival iPhone apps programmer by giving a more original and unique idea than your rival. In simple words, your app should not intend to fill App Store with similar applications. Therefore, you should be unique in your app.

Complex & Ugly User Interface

As you know that Apple earns its bread & butter by creating highly beautiful and amazingly designed electronics products so you should not make a complex user interface for your application. It will simply cause discomfort to a user.

Illegal File Sharing

It is also one of the biggest reasons behind frequent rejection of applications. The quality maniac reviewers do not allow approval of any application, which can sport illegal file sharing. The applications should not resemble the torrent like environment or service. Reasonably, Apple provides a different kind of file sharing service, which is free from all possible errors. So, why fuss over illegal sharing.

On the basis of these reasons, you can decrease 50% chances of getting rejected from App Store. You will only have the need to follow the guidelines for successful iPhone Apps Development. It will help you in becoming a successful developer.

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