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At this point, learning from the world wide web is nothing new, but 2016 gave us an eyeful of new feats and 2017 is looking to bring in the storm. People and companies are increasingly and comfortably finding their way to internet learning as the days go by.

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Simply having a particular skillset is no only the only requirement for jobs as companies are now looking for employees who can easily pick up new skills through online sources. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the most buzz-worthy e-learning trends that 2017 has to offer.

1. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has been around for a year or two from now, but it is showing no signs of slowing down a bit. With people turning more over to smartphones as each day rolls on, there are more chances for them to become e-learners as well. Companies look at this as an important tool for workers to develop their intelligence.

Now learning can be made possible wherever you are so long as you have your smartphone with you. There are plenty of apps available for students to use their source of education by several webteachingresources.

Companies are increasingly getting their hands on Learning Management Systems and native apps to help their employees access training materials and resources from any device, anytime and anyplace.

2. Gamification

Gamification is an element that took to the skies in 2016 and will surely collect an even bigger buzz in 2017. If students and employees can have fun with their learning and training, then schools and companies would be wise to implement this into their systems.

Gamificationis very powerful that it displays tremendous results in improving learner innovation, skills, and problem-solving capabilities. Learner games help learners pick up important data through the completion of levels. It helps them focus on key issues and topics, which helps in retention.

3. Contextual Learning

Learning and Development teamswill use modern design thinking to turn boring e-learning courses like Onboarding into modernized versions. The L&D world is finally waking up to this and needs to move beyond only resource-based approaches to e-learning.

We need to think about diverse approaches that fit into different consumption videos and how to effectively deliver against needs.

4. Microlearning

When it comes to quickness, the trend of microlearning is the one that is catching up the quickest today. It is about having mini bytes of learning content made available to learners or users and for them to implement in their daily busy schedule without much difficulty.

Microlearningmakes use of 5-10-minute videos, focused articles, single page documents, specific, bite-sized data or other methods that does not give the learner too much of a burden with cognitive thinking.

5. Video-Based Training

YouTube is swimming with video content that is chock full of learning and training materials that are free and accessible at any time. In fact, there is a barrage of informal training methods that people can utilize off the web, such as blogs, podcasts, and webinars.

People who are both young and old love watching videos as they have a powerful way to engage us. E-learning designers and companies have taken notice of this trend and areimplementing videos for their online training and learning.

6. Virtual Reality

Besides videos, virtual reality is on its way to e-learning a step further than it is today. It will be a fairly new concept and will enable learners to retain information in a more interactive world. VR devices are readily made available and work great with smartphones as well as other devices as well.

The real life experience will make it really popular with the learning community.

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