5 Tips for Preparing for your IBDP Biology Exam

5 Tips for Preparing for your IBDP Biology Exam

IBDP is the most lucrative course which is identified at an international level. The process and the journey through this IBDP Course are to boost your academics and cognitive skills. It will make you refined for after-college achievements in your career.

If you are preparing for IBDP Biology then of course it will be a little more challenging but it will be worth it if acknowledged worldwide. And so far as the subject Biology is concerned, you need to follow certain tips to score well.

Following are tips that help you boost your preparation for your IBDP Biology Exam.

1. Prioritising attending lectures and creating lesson plans:

Making lectures in class a priority. This is the first piece of advice I’d like to give you. Majority of students believe that lectures are not necessary, since they believe they can learn the same material on their own. But allow me to remind you these are the only subjects that, due to a lack of time, we frequently about in the final hours of our preparation. Therefore, it is advised to attend class lectures since they will help you to comprehend the fundamentals of practically every subject on your syllabus.

Therefore, even if you skip some topics for independent study, you likely gained a fundamental comprehension of those topics while paying close attention in class. It is advised that you pay close attention to your teacher throughout the class because it is thought that this is the only place where the best ideas can be developed.

Additionally, taking class notes offers two advantages. In addition to improving your listening skills when you write things down, you will also have brief, concise notes that you can refer to during testing.

2. Working on making a strong Base:

Be sure you have a basic understanding of the most common concepts in your syllabus. You should know the underlying concepts behind every topic discussed in your class. This will help you clear all the topics in the class duration only itself and subsequently, you will head towards completion of your Syllabus smoothly.

Try to ensure that you are ready with the basics you need to possess to understand a specific topic of your concerned syllabus. Hence a strong base gives you a lead over others. You may take the help of your teachers if you understand any concept used.

3. Practising Diagrams would act like a key to scoring well:

If you can present a diagram for every possible concept asked in the exam then definitely it will help you grab extra marks. Your answer will look attractive to the examiner, making them give you more marks. Consider having a separate notebook of all the diagrams included in your syllabus.

4. Revise what you already have learned before starting a new chapter:

This is the most immediate step you should always keep in mind, especially for theoretical subjects like Biology. There are numerous examples and definitions which need periodic revision and if you miss out on revising them regularly then you might forget them and you will have to start learning and putting in the effort once again for the same work you have done before.

So, it is always suggested that you start the revision of the already learned chapters. And then you should jump on to new topics. This will help you to recall the topics you know thoroughly for a longer duration of time.

5. Practising mock papers and past year question papers:

Practising Mocks as much as possible. This can prove a real game changer for the entire year of preparation. This is the field where you practice to prove how dedicated you were to your studies. But one thing you must keep in your mind while doing mocks always gives mocks in a time-bound scenario. Practicing a mock without a time limit would help you land. It is because the actual role of mocks is to prepare you to answer all the questions asked in the exam in the allotted time only.


And Practising past year’s question papers will give a better idea of how questions are framed in the examination. And later, you would know those questions which have more frequency to be repeated in the examination. Accordingly, you can shift the focus more to those topics. They are regarded as the best option for checking out your genuine preparation for the real exam.

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