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5 Things You Can Do IF Your IP Address is Blacklisted

What is IP blacklisting?

Because they are recognized spam generators, entities on a blacklist are not allowed to contact or log into a computer, site, or network. IP addresses are commonly included in blacklists, including user IDs, domains, email addresses, MAC addresses, or programs. DNSBLs, or domain name system blacklists, are another name for blacklists. You can login to your router using any means. Antivirus applications, spam filters, and intrusion detection systems all use blacklists to assist avoid potential assaults.

Outbound email filtering systems can assist in identifying which users or domains are sending spam and preventing such messages from exiting the network. Some solutions provide suggested blacklists with potential targets, but blacklists perform best when tailored to the individual.

How do you work around IP Ban?

If your IP address is blocked from a website or service, you are most likely violating the provider’s terms of service. Try to comprehend and follow their terms. If you need assistance from a blacklisted IP address for an emergency, you’ll need to get a new IP address, which you can do in a few different ways.

Change your IP Address

For some reasons, you may desire to modify your public IP address. Obtaining a different IP address from your current ISP will solve your problem if your IP address is blocked by some game servers or your download allowance from a P2P network has expired. Changing your ISP’s IP address, on the other hand, will not assist you in avoiding regional censorship and obtain an IP address from a different country. If you want to stream BBC, Netflix, Spotify, or Hulu from a place where those services are restricted, for example, you’ll need a VPN service to get an IP address from a nation where such services are permitted. You can also surf the web anonymously and securely with a VPN.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that allows a private network (such as a LAN) to be extended across a public network (such as the Internet). A VPN connects two computers (or a network) securely as though they were physically connected.

With the widespread usage of the Internet, people are increasingly vulnerable to invasions of privacy and eavesdropping on their online activity. A personal VPN service has been launched to secure users’ identities and privacy. A private VPN service is similar to connecting to a business network, except customers connect to VPN providers’ servers and receive a new IP address from the user’s home country.

Use a Proxy Server

Proxy servers perform a variety of functions. It can greatly increase the performance of an online response when utilized as a caching web proxy. A caching proxy responds to a client’s request by returning a reply directly from its cache if the content already exists. Otherwise, it sends a request to the real server, receives a response, and saves it in its cache for future use.

A proxy server is a computer that lies between a client computer and the Internet, providing the client with indirect network services. You may store it locally on the user’s computer or between its computer and Internet destination servers at numerous stages. All client requests are intercepted by a proxy server, which then responds from its cache or passes the request to the genuine server. The proxy server establishes a connection with a client computer and accepts client requests by sending the requested resource/data from a specified server or the local cache memory. Client requests include files or other resources available on various servers.

Use Tor Server

Tor is a free software tool that allows users to connect without revealing their identities. Tor is an acronym formed from The Onion Router, the original name of the software project. This software routes all Internet traffic and usage across a worldwide volunteer network with over 6,000 relays to mask the user’s IP address and location and conceal Internet usage from individuals and authorities responsible for traffic analysis or network surveillance.

Tor’s primary method of operation is multi-layered encryption, which is why the onion metaphor is employed. This secures the appropriate level of forwarding secrecy between all relays, ensuring the users’ privacy and anonymity.


The fact is that many people use the mix at the same time, and the system is designed to make each of them indistinguishable from the server. And, because all clients are the same, it’s impossible to calculate a single user separately. Mixes are typically placed voluntarily, primarily at colleges, which have explicitly stated that they do not collect logs.     


By prohibiting abuses, website owners and service providers protect their users and assets. They may prohibit their website or service access by banning IP addresses or blocking user accounts if they identify misuse. The only method to handle this problem is following the suppliers’ regulations and terms set forth.           

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