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5 SEO Tips to Rank Better in Search Engines

The most simple and basic tips for SEO are the most effective. Many people fail to realize this, and will pay Internet gurus thousands of dollars for something the Guru read from a Google tutorial. Simplicity is the key when it comes to search engine optimization.

Clever tricks and a creative flair do not work for tricking a search engine, because it is just a computer algorithm (a robot if you will) which simply analyses the facts in a mathematical equation. Ranking up in the search engines involves taking note of what Google say, and making a consistent effort to maintain your website in the manner Google deems necessary.

5 SEO Tips to Rank Better in Search Engines - classiblogger

1. On Page SEO

This may seem like simple advice, but you would be surprised at how many people disregard it because they consider it to be a passive method of raising their PageRank. People think it is passive because the effects of on-page SEO take time. They are not a direct rank manipulator in the same way that social media markers or backlinks are. On-page SEO is more of a foundation for your SEO efforts. The backlinks and social media markers are the timber and nails that builds the house, but the on-page SEO is the thing that stops the house from sinking into the sand.

Before you read anymore, you should sign up for Google’s Webmaster Tools and gain access to the whole of the Google library for on-page SEO. They are the ones who are going to give you the best on-page SEO advice. You can get it from third parties such as this article, but it is always better to get information like this straight from the source.

2. Build Strong Links

If you have links from other domains–pointing at your domain (website/web pages), your rank on the search engine results will rise. Links have a certain strength and merit behind them. Google will take a look at each link pointing at your site, and judge it like a hog at a beauty pageant. They will decide if it is a good strong link, or a weak one. You can never really fully manipulate how Google are going to judge your site and its incoming links, but you can help yourself out a little.

The stronger links tend to be from related websites. A shoe manufacturer linking to a shoe sales site is going to produce a few strong links. Strong links may also be judged from page to page. For example there may be a website about vegetables, which holds an article about carrots. If your website or web page sells carrots, or is related to carrots, then a link from the carrot article may prove to be a strong one.

3. Gain Social Media Markers

Social media is the newest big thing, and the search engines have also gotten into it too. They have made it so that social media markers such as “likes”, “follows”, “shares” and mentions will count towards your SEO.

 4. Offer a use

If your website is useful, it will be linked to. People will mention it on social media and blogs. People will sign up to its RSS feed (if it has one) and people will visit it regularly. This is all great for your sites SEO, and all you need to do is offer a use. It could be free service (Google Analytics for example) or a paid service (Copyscape for example). Even Experian offer a simple tool where you can see how much your currency will convert to. This is all you need to raise your Google ranking.

5. Have your pages load faster

The “Page Complete Time” has an effect on your SEO. If it takes a long time to load then your page rank goes down. If it renders quickly (appears quickly) and fully loads quickly–then it is very good for your page ranking. You should try decreasing the “page complete time” on your site to see how far up the search results it pushes you.

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