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5 important web design best practices and tips for small business websites - Classi Blogger

5 important web design best practices and tips for small business websites

Where the world has shrunk into a global village, thanks to the internet, the online market is expanding day by day.

Considering the importance of the ever-growing digital marketplace, it has become necessary for every business, whether big or small, to have a dedicated e-commerce website. With more technological advancements in every area, old-school marketing practices are also vanishing day by day emphasizing on the need to make your business more relatable to today’s world.

5 important web design best practices and tips for small business websites - classiblogger

This competition has proven to be beneficial for smaller business as they now have the same opportunity to operate in the online market as the rest.

Keep in mind that having an e-commerce website in today’s world is not rocket science. But your practices and approach to explore the prospects and opportunities on the internet will definitely have an impact on your success rate.

According to a rough estimate, 50% of the world population has access to the online world. This alone proves the importance of having an amazing web design in order to stand out in e-commerce.

Your website is your shop where you can ostentatiously display your products and services to the customers. It is the first step of introducing yourself to your potential clients and to make them believe that how your ideas and approach are different from the rest.

Where other factors have their own impact, your web design definitely plays a major role to uplift your conversion rate. No matter what scale you operate on, here’s a list of best web design practices and tips for small business websites to stand out in the online market!

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1. Friendly user interface

Your web design should have a friendly user interface that provides an impeccable human-computer interaction.

This is necessary because you need to satisfy the customer from the moment they land on your website. Not just that a friendly user interface can turn a client into a buyer, it can also keep them hooked to your website for hours. This will further help you to decrease your bounce rate and build a good reputation for your website.

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2. SEO friendly content

Make sure that whatever content you are uploading on your website is SEO friendly. This will improve the ranking of your website on Google, increase the numbers of visitors and eventually, an increased conversion rate.

There is a lot of information available on the internet on how to make your content SEO friendly. But to make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of major steps that can help you improve your site’s ranking;

  • Add relevant data with focused keywords
  • Use a proper meta description to highlight what your web page is about
  • Use attractive images with alt text
  • Add all the relevant tags
  • Backlinks can help you diverge traffic from one web page to another

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3. Aesthetic and appealing web design

Where you obviously need to focus on technicalities but at the same time, your website needs to be visually appealing.

An aesthetically designed website is bound to attract heavy traffic that will ultimately lift your conversion rate.

In order to build a brand image, you will need a professional logo design that will set you apart from your competitors. Having a professional logo will build a reputation for your brand and customers will trust you more with their hard earned money.

Visit famous web stores to see how they have made their website visually appealing. You will get an idea of what is missing from your website!

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4. Mobile friendly

Where most of the online customers are smartphone users, your web design should be compatible and offer a mobile-friendly interface.

If your web design won’t load properly on mobile phones, there’s a big chance that it will increase the bounce rate of your website.

Not just that, all the features should also be accessible and visible on mobile view. In order to attract maximum sales, you need to provide an easy and friendly mobile interface to the majority of online customers.

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5. Smooth navigation

Another most important thing to satisfy your customers is to offer easy and smooth navigation. Consistent navigation makes it easy for customers to find relevant information more quickly. Your navigation panel should be categorized clearly and visually defined. Moreover, you can make it easy for customers to look for relevant information by dividing categories into sub-categories. Just make sure that all the navigation elements are clickable links and with accurate titles.

At a glance, visitors should be able to grasp the theme of a page and know what information they can found there. You might come across several web stores that mislead their visitors to a particular web page by providing false information just for the sake of clicking the link. But this will not only annoy the customer but will also decrease your sales.

Another important thing is that the search feature on your website is working fine. Because many time, the customer is just looking for the desired product and if they cannot find it, they will eventually click the cross button. It will need you to keep the information regarding every product relevant with particular ALT text so that they can easily be found using particular keywords.

For instance: Leather Skin Shop presents a sheer example of smooth navigation. From products to cart and the search panel, everything is at your fingertip with relevant information on each page.

Tips for a small business website to shine in the e-commerce world

  • Web design should be relevant to your product and services
  • Easily accessible
  • Follow the latest trends and advancements to compete with the rest
  • Keep your customers happy and satisfied
  • Talk about your products from the customer’s point of view so they can relate
  • The website should be accessible on all gadgets

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you are starting on a small scale. The online market gives you an opportunity to compete with the market’s best, so use it wisely!

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Your web design directly influences your sales, so you don’t want your customers to have a bad first impression. Your web design should be user-friendly and easily accessible so that the visitors are hooked for hours. The online market is full of opportunities, so explore every chance to grow your e-commerce business and build a good reputation for your brand.

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