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5 Freelance Writing Tips For Beginners

Freelancing is one the best ways to earn while staying at home. It works amazingly for anyone students, homemakers, especially-abled people, and working-class looking for a part-time job. However, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world like a boom, more people have started to shift freelancing.

Many people believe that freelancing has no predictable benefits or security. But with all of the insecurities, freelancing has become a means to survival for millions of people.

According to a recent study from Upwork (a freelancing platform), more than 2 million people have started freelancing in the past 12 months. People across the globe gladly express their preference about working from home, part-time jobs, contracts, and freelance projects as it offers flexibility and convenience.

The booming freelancing industry has a significant number of freelance writers. Since all web-based activities require content, freelance writing projects are always available for freelancers. This means you have plenty of opportunities if you want to become a freelance writer.First, however, you need the right approach to bag most freelance gigs and retain your clients for future projects.

Here we have listed 5 helpful tips for beginners in the freelancing writing industry.

Gather All The Resources Before Starting

The best thing about freelance writing is that you don’t need any experience to get a gig. All you need is impeccable writing skills and an appealing gig request to get the projects. But, you also need a few essentials to begin. Having all the resources beforehand ensures your efficiency throughout the project. These things are not limited to but include:

  • A laptop or computer
  • A proper workstation to work conveniently
  • A PayPal
  • account for payments
  • An Email address that looks professional
  • A skype account or any other video conferencing account for better communication

Apart from these resources, it would help if you had time, dedication, and the desire to work because freelancing is hard and 24/7. This is why you constantly need self-motivation and a strong will to deal with it.You would also need to step out of your comfort zone to handle the complexities of each project, match the given deadlines, and work tirelessly for hours to achieve your targets.

Show Experience, Even When You Have None

Experience is the first thing that attracts more clients, which is why you need to show some experience even when you have none. You can create your portfolio or start creating blogs to show your presence over the platform and credibility in what you do.

You can start a blog or write for other platforms to make up your online portfolio. The best thing here is that you don’t need any investment to get started. It’s like starting a new business from scratch with no capital and just a few skills.

Lookup for free blogging websites, create an account, and maintain an active blog with continuous updates every day. This will help you improve your understanding of the recent online trends and polish the required skillset for freelance writing.

Start Guest Blogging or Guest Posting

You can start guest blogging by visiting other blogging platforms with high authority and asking them to publish your blogs to lead the visitors back to your website. This will improve your online presence and increase your reach. 

This technique is popularly used for SEO for websites and can positively work for your blog. However, this technique requires you to post your content on other websites to attract traffic from the other website. Once you start guest blogging, you will see a significant change in your authority, and more people would start visiting your platforms.

Start A Facebook Blog

A massive audience from worldwide is found on Facebook. To reach a diverse range of people, you need a platform that is also diverse. And, here, Facebook is the ideal option. Take your time when creating the page and clearly specify your niche as a “writer,” when Facebook page creation settings ask you to niche down your business details. This will enable you to get into the same industry on Facebook.

Starting a blog on Facebook will help you reach your audience in no time. So take time to create social media blogs for your fans and followers.

The ultimate benefit you gain here is that you get to interact with your audience, share your content from other platforms, link your Facebook page to divert traffic from one platform to another, and so much more.

You can keep in touch with relevant bloggers and pages that compliment your skills and profile. To make it all workout tremendously for you, you need to share all your content over Facebook. Here are a few things that you should regularly share on your Facebook blog to keep it updated at all times:

  • Latest blogs
  • Latest guest posts
  • The latest project you did for your clients
  • Videos to explain what you do and how your clients can benefit from your work
  • An article that could work as a guide for your clients
  • Any announcements about your business
  • Your offers for discounted services
  • Carry out a Facebook live session to interact with your clients
  • Create quizzes, games, and interview posts for your audience
  • Create explanatory videos for your audience
  • Engage in trending topics to increase your reachability for your audience
  • Keep repurposing your content as needed

Always Offer A Sample To Your New Client

A sample can create a good impact on a new client. Therefore, offering a free sample would help you increase a client’s interest in your services. A pre-existing content piece can demonstrate the quality you provide but can’t tell a client if it’s worth it for them or not.

But, a unique piece curated especially for the client can give an idea of your expertise over the client’s need and create an understanding for them about how you will deal with this project. This will help you make a life-long impression on your new client.

Always offer a Free Service in your Package

The word “free” has the capability to attract more clients than you can imagine. People look for more in less, so when they see something free, they instantly make up their minds for it. For instance, offering your paid content writing services with a free first sample and one free review will instantly get you more projects. Therefore, it is up to you to attract your clients towards your services and what free services you can offer. Creating packages is the ideal option in this case for anyone who has newly entered the market.

Wrapping Up

Since, the pandemic has restricted people in their homes, and many people have become jobless over the past year, Freelancing has brought up new hope. If you are a writer looking forward to earn money from the comfort of your home, freelance writing is the best career for you! If you have recently stepped in or started your career in the writing industry, these tips mentioned above will help you achieve your benchmark and revenue in no time!

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