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Every post in the blog should have title. We could not say every title in the blog could be catchy and attract readers. But we have to attract our readers to visit our page. Here in this post, i am going to share about the 5 common title mistakes to avoid. I will assure you that, this article should be worth-able and you will enjoy while reading this. 

A combination of words that together makes the phrase meaningful should be the “Title” of your article. Choosing a title is very important to make your blog into a successful one. Since not only the keyword you choose matters, but also the combination of keywords is more important.

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Why choosing a right Title is so important?

This question may be silly when you read on. But it really matters a lot.

Do you exactly know the importance of the Title and where and all it is going to be displayed?

Yes, you can take a look below to find the areas which will make you realize the importance of choosing the best Title.

  • In RSS Feeds with which you have to subscribe to get fresh contents to your site daily. Your titles will be displayed in RSS feeds and only if it is good ,your contents will be recommended to others.
  • In email in boxes which may attract most of the people if you have good and attractive titles. The title is the initial thing that drives anyone to check it in detail. If they like your content too they will surely forward it to their own friends which may improve your traffic tremendously.
  • On Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networking Sites.

Nowadays, Social networking sites plays a major role in promoting your blogs and sites. Thus, attractive title will definitely attract more visitors of Facebook and Twitter.

  • On other blogs that may link you.

This is very important since a particular blog’s follower will definitely check on other blog’s contents too if it really attracts him by the Title.

So, now do you really understand the seriousness of choosing good titles?

Well, let’s check on the five common mistakes that bloggers do while choosing a Topic or Title for their posts.

1. Using your Topic as Title:

A Topic might look like “Decorating creamy cakes” which you may misunderstand that you have chosen the right title. But, actually this is not a very compelling Title for the post you make. Instead, try to make it more meaningful and more attractive.

For example,

Mistake: “Decorating Creamy Cakes”


Fix: Five amazing ways to make your own creamy cakes


       How to make your own Delicious creamy cakes?

Just look at the above sentences. You can find the difference by getting which one is more attractive and promising.

2. Being too clever:

Some bloggers, desperate to attract attention, get overly clear with their Titles.

For example,

The bloggers mistakenly think that, using new synonyms for already used words will make people more attractive. But it is not so. Using regular and easy-to-understand keywords will work better in all cases. If you choose the keywords that are hard to understand, by the first sight the viewers may get curiosity, but will really make a gasp like “huh, should I want to check in detail?” and get away from the post.

3. Writing a too long Title:

Always make your title to be precise and meaningful. When you choose long titles it may cause a sense of irritability and confusion among the readers which may in turn result in skipping the post itself. Also, they cannot be displayed fully in the search engines since most of the SE’s allows only a maximum of 71 characters to be displayed.

Thus, choose the Title to be between 11-12 words.

4. Not thinking about the benefits:

Most of the bloggers commit this mistake of not thinking about the benefits of  a Title. When you give a post regarding online marketing then you should make it clear that the post is regarding that. It means,

Mistake: My last trip to Las vegas’s Casino

Fix: Five Email Marketing lessons that learnt from Las Vegas Casino

which would be likely to click? The second one na? So clearly think about the benefits of the Title, since the worthy Title brings u a massive success.

5. Over-Promising:

To get more traffic, some bloggers may write on the Title like

Mistake: “ All the Parenting tips, that you will ever need”

The title looks good and precise too. But, if you have mentioned only five points in your content it is surely going to disappoint your readers since they might have checked in expecting “ All or many Parenting tips”. So don’t be over promising.

So reading all these five points you might have a clear idea of how to choose a Title for your post. All the very best to succeed in the Blogging field.

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