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3 Smart Things to Spend Your Money On in Your 20s

We’ve got a steady stream of income coming in after our first job switch and we’ve got more money to spend. Our natural knack makes us spend on shopping, taking imprompt trips, hitting the nightclub and dancing away to glory and anything else that our lifestyle demands.

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Although these things are very important for our daily happiness. There’s still something better we could do with our income, for long term happiness.

This doesn’t include splurging on instant gratification. It includes spending on things that are really making a difference to your well being. Let’s take a look.

1. Your space

When we say space, it’s not the individual space in your relationships. It’s your space, your home, where you can be yourself, without anyone else watching you.

Investing and spending money on your space makes a lot of difference to your health, to your moods and to your comfort.

Just make sure you have good furnishings and decorate the place with your favourite must-haves. It’s YOUR space. Build it the way YOU like it.

If you want an easier process, check out apartment services like NestAway. They provide fully furnished apartments at affordable prices and maintain all the furnishings in the same cost as the rent.

2. Your health

All the pubs and bars are pretty much good for making you happy. But hey, it’s not doing much right to your health, is it? Make sure you hit the gym at least three times a week. It takes effort along with money.

What would seem as an unwanted effort really becomes a fun activity. You’d want to do it more often once you start having fun with it. You could subscribe to a dance class or zumba sessions if you’re bored of gymming.

As humans, we are meant to exercise. We were hunters and food gatherers in the past. We had to perform physical work to survive. It’s in our DNA! Sitting on office chairs and playing foosball isn’t the kind of workout we’re naturally designed for. Plus, it keeps you active, positive and helps you perform better in your office. Also, it makes your feel like eating what your body needs than what your body craves. Who knows? You’ll end up kicking the butt and quitting pizza for dinners.

3. Your freedom

Not being able to do what you always want to adds to a lot of stress in your life. Get a house where you can be loud. Buy a car that allows you to step out of the house anytime you want. Go for impromptu drives if that suits you.

Feel free to do whatever you feel like doing. It is a huge factor for a better mental health. Well, that doesn’t mean you go and hit somebody or behave like a hooligan on the city streets.

Travel more often. Take time out with your friends. Make memories and experience different cultures. Enjoy your freedom. Don’t think twice before you embrace your life. This is not called spending your money, it’s called living your life.

Above all, you need to spend money on things that matter. Get your own furnished apartment, get your life rolling the way you want it by taking care of your health. You always know what’s good and what’s not, we just tend to ignore it whenever our will permits us.

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