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   25 Big Companies That Use SMS Marketing   

SMS Marketing is a great way to reach out to customers in the most cost-effective way. Companies from various business sectors are using text messaging to run marketing campaigns, send updated, and engage with their customers. The very fact that these messages are preferred by more than 97% customers makes this strategy a rewarding one.

We look at 25 of the big companies in the market that have been effectively using SMS marketing and try to understand what they are doing.

1. Dominos

Dominos sends a link of a web form; users can use the form to register. This helps them to get latest offers from the company. They also send coupons through this mode.

2. Office Depot

Office Depot has the keyword START that needs to be sent to their number. Once this message is sent, details of offers and coupons would be sent by message regularly to customers. 

3. CNN

CNN allows its viewers to get news updates so that they are informed of what is happening in the world. CNN uses the keyword ALERTS to register customers to get news alerts.

4. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond sends coupons to customers. The keyword OFFER1 can be used by customers to register, so they can start receiving offers.

5. Tommy Hilfiger

The leading brand Tommy Hilfiger sends text message updates with offers and discount details. The company promises not to send more than 10 messages a month.

6. Kohl’s

Kohl has an SMS club that one can join by texting the keyword SAVE. On receiving the message, the sender is enrolledin the SMS club and will receive regular updates.

7. Cabela’s

Cabela’s has regular offers for customers who are part of its coupons club. Customers can join this club by messaging WILDLIFE to the official number.

8. Ikea

For the best furniture offers, one can use a web form to register. This will allow subscribers to get regular text or email updates on products with offers.

9. Express

Express, the fashion store sends details of offers at its outlets regularly. Sending the keyword ROCKS allows a subscriber to get these updates, not more than 12 a month.

10. Macy’s

The popular store Macy’s has a discount club for its customers. Anyone can join by texting the keyword JOIN, which makes them a part of the club so they can receive offer details.

11. Reebok

This is another top brand that uses SMS marketing. Texting JOIN allows a customer to register and get details of all promotional offers that the company is offering.

12. Bloomingdales

Customers looking for discounts at the top store Bloomingdales can send a text message JOIN to be a part of the savings club. This enables them to receive details of savings and offers.

13. American Eagle Outfitters

If you are looking for top-quality apparel at the best price, you can receive offers from this brand. Sending the keyword JOIN allows customers to receive such offers regularly.

14. World Market

When you register with World market by testing the keyword SIGNUP, you will automatically receive a coupon as a reward for joining. You will continue to receive offers as and when available.

15. Sherwin Williams

COLORS is the keyword the company uses to enroll subscribers. Enrolling makes customers eligible to get a discount of $10 when they make a purchase of $50 or more.

16. Best Buy

If you are looking for a best buy, then use the keyword DEALS. This will allow you to start receiving offers from the company that you can redeem for the best buy.

17. Papa John’s Pizza

Here is another pizza offer. Sending START to their designated number allows you to start receiving coupons and discount offers from this leading pizzeria. You will get not more than 6 messages a month.

18. JCPenney

JOIN is the keyword that JCPenney requires. Send this message to their number and you will start receiving offers. Immediately on joining, you will get a 25% discount coupon that will be real value for money.

19. Facebook

Facebook allows its customers to receive updates on their phones through messages. This is important as it allows them to know if someone has logged in to their account and when people respond to their posts. This is an innovative application of text marketing by the leading social media portal.

20. Applebee’s

Applebee’s doesn’t send text messages to mobile phones, instead they send emails and you can register for this by sending your email ID to their number. When you sign up, you will start receiving offer details.

21. Petsmart

Here’s a great deal for pet owners. Petsmart has deals for pet owners to get the best products for their pets. All you need to do is send the keyword DEALS by text message to their number and you can start receiving messages.

22. Ulta

ULTA is the keyword to start receiving details of offers from their store. Send the message and keep receiving regular offers.

23. Arby’s

This is a good brand that invites customers to sign up online to their text club. Once you register, you will get offers with an initial offer of free fries and a free soft drink if you buy a sandwich.

24. Tanger

All the outlets of Tanger offer discounts. You can get updates on the discounts offered when you send the message TANGER to their registered number.

25. Sportsman & Ski Haus

This brand requires that you send a message THE HAUS to their number to start receiving offers. Once you register, you will start receiving offers for their entire product range.

From the above, it is clear that SMS marketing can be used innovatively by all types of companies to promote their product or service. All you need is a database of mobile numbers, a texting software to use, and a clear strategy. Your company can also use SMS marketing today and be able to get great results from this strategy.

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