10 Style and Fashion Tips For Women

10 Style and Fashion Tips For Women

Style and fashion. Ever changing. Ever mercurial. Never constant. Today skinny jeans. Tomorrow crop tops and who knows what comes tomorrow?

May be bell bottoms?

I mean, who knows?

It just seems like yesterday we brought that shirt and it is already out of fashion. And when it comes to dressing and styling, it’s always a brainer. But then, we have our hacks and tips in styling and dressing. Let us take a look at these 10 style tips!


1. Know your body type:

One of the first and foremost thing to be done. Know your body type. Know if it is pear shaped, or barrel shaped or what. Once you got to know about your body type, you can dress to hide your flaws. Like if you have heavy legs, you can wear A line skirts, or monochrome pants. They will make you look thin and make you appear taller too!

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2. Not too tight and not too loose:

Most of people who have those extra pounds wear really loose and baggy clothes to appear thin. But in real, it makes you appear even bulkier. And too tight clothes will make you look equally bulkier. That is why, wise choice is to wear clothes that fit you!

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3. Accessories to make outfit bright:

And when you wish to go for a monochromatic look, add accessories, to make your outfit more interesting and bright. Also, when you go for dull or light colors, you can take the contrasting colored accessories and jewelry! Take a look at these accessories in Myntra! They are simply amazing. Or limeroad too! You have many discounts on accessory section, so take a look here!

4. Tailor an outfit:

If you are skinny, getting clothes that will fit you exactly might be a problem. So go for getting clothes tailored. Give the correct measurements and get it done. You will be surprised by what wonders a tailored suit can do! It will make you look better, and super good!

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5. Take a note of fashion:

Keep out an eye for fashion. Look at the latest trends and how they run and how they are taking place. Take a look at them and analyze how it is. Get them tailored and personalize it according to your style and comfort!

6. Try new things:

Don’t be afraid to try new things and new fashion and styling. Give yourself a makeover. Try new hair style and use new accessories, colors and clothing. Except, don’t go out of your comfort zone. Wear clothes that only fit you and you are comfortable in them!

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7. Throw in a scarf:


Yeah, so when you are dressing for work or any formal event, it might be difficult for you to use colors and dress bright. And for exactly that reason, we have scarfs, throw in a scarf when you decide to go monochrome or beige-and-black. It will actually brighten up your look and give you a chic look and you will let you know the world you are stylish! Take a look at these amazing collection of scarves!

8. Use bigger belts:

If you wanna put your upper and lower body in proportion, then use bigger belts, which will help rule out the differences along with your insecurities! Pull on a bigger belt and just rock around, and speaking of it, leopard prints are the coolest of the season!

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9.Stock up on essentials:

Like those white blouses, black dresses, red lipstick, diamond studs, high heels or pumps, stock up on them as use them more than the remaining dresses. For instance, the blue jeans. God knows how many times we have worn them! So, even if you have them over the board, not a problem!

10. Organise your closet:


Organise your closet, put all your t-shirts, jeans, formals, dresses and jewelry organised. This will make it easier for you to choose them and find them without creating a ruscus. Also, it will give them a high shelf life. Specially, if they are accessories and jewelry! So don't make a mess of your closet. Organise them and pull your clothes together!

Also,try restyling and reusing clothes you use very less. Use fresh and clean clothes, pull on some home remedies to remove the deodorant and sweat stains. Stock up nude and black pumps as they are fit for every occasion. And be aware of some newer clothing hacks and styling tips so you could always be on top!

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  1. Really good blog with all necessary information and scarves are the best part because they are never out of fashion works well in all seasons. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey Raaja.

    Having a perfect knowledge of our body size and type, help to select a good looking dress which is well suited on body too.

    Love these all awesome style and fashion tip and hope women love to find this useful. Each one is mentioned very well and I must recommend to follow this tip to women for feeling comfortable while in fashion.

    Women should choose a well fitted dress so that they feel comfortable all the time. Fluently worn accessories enhance their beauty too. Good organizing manner of our closet helps to prepare yourself beautiful when we are in hurry. Thanks for sharing such an amazing tip. Keep posting such useful thing.

    – Ravi.

    1. Hi Ravi,
      Well Said. Having perfect knowledge on our body is an easy way to choose what best fit to our body.
      You can expect more post like this in future. Don’t forget to subscribe. Keep Coming.

  3. All style tips are best to change personality,but all we need is to recognize our personal style which suits best to our personality.Thank you so much for posting!

  4. Using bigger belts with throws in scarfs and bright accessories is the best idea.I found many new fashion ideas from your post.Thanks for posting!

  5. Wow, great post! Definitely an awesome list of tips and tricks to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Raaja,
    These are very genuine and relavant tips for a women to maintain her body shape & be stylish always. As you said,organising your closet is indeed important as it makes easier to choose clothes from it.

    Also, I loved your idea of how pairing up scarfs with our dresses gives it a stylish look. Thank you so much.


  7. Hi Nirmal,

    The tips you have shared on style and fashion for us it’s really amazing. All of these points I have totally inspired from mostly 3 points which tailor an outfit, scarfs and stock up on essentials.

  8. Appreciated your work.Nice post with usful tips. Try new things is not a bad idea,it make you feel confident and also help you to look more beautiul!

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  14. Navigating the ins and outs of style can be tricky, but with these simple stylist-recommend tips for sure women can be at their best!

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  26. Knowing your body type makes a lot of difference and styling yourself according to it makes the half work done, rest is accomplished by some clever use of colors and accessories. I have made fashion blunders when I wore too loose and some times too tight outfits for my body type 🙂

  27. Hi,
    Great tips you dished out here. whether one is fat or thin there is something for everyone. For me I like very light and loose wears. They keep me comfortable.

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