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10 Cool Typography Apps to Bring Out Your Creativity

App developers these days have created so many apps with which you can tap your inner creativity. You can check out some of these on VeztekUSA, or certain other mobile app development companies around the world. There are apps for sketching and drawing and even photography.

Nonetheless, the ones I find most interesting are the typography apps. You can create and edit fonts or work with a vast library of already available typography. The whole concept of having a typography app in your mobile, something you can use anywhere and anytime, is actually very exciting.

bring out your creativity by this 10 cool typography apps_classiblogger

For all the creative minds out there who want to add some spice into their photos or graphics, here is a roundup of 10 absolutely cool typography apps for both Android and iOS based phones.

1. Wordswag – typography swagger app

10 Cool Typography Apps_Word Swag_classiblogger

Add some cool swag into the captions on photos and images with Wordswag typography app for Apple phones. The app automatically converts your simple captions and quotes into attractive typography and if you do not like it, you can always choose among 30 other choices.

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2. Typorama – charismatic fonts and layouts

10 Cool Typography Apps_Typorama_classiblogger

Typorama is an iOS app that has the feature to automatically generate fonts and layouts in 35 typographic styles. All you have to do is to select a background, type a few words, style your text and a cool typographic poster is ready for sharing on Facebook or saving as wallpaper. Other features include 3D distortion, shadow, gradient, filter and decorations options.

3. PicLab – experiment with intelligent photo editing

10 Cool Typography Apps_PicLab_classiblogger

PicLab is more than a typography app, it is in fact an intelligent photo editor that has some cool features of typography as well. It allows you to play with effects, filters, light FX, textures, borders, patterns and stickers on your photos. You can also experiment with features like rotate, resize, set opacity, add multiple text layer or add drop shadow on your font. PicLab is available on iOS, Android and Windwos phones alike.

4. Phonto – interesting typography editor

10 Cool Typography Apps_Phonto_classiblogger

If you want a simple typography app that offers basic typography adding and editing features, then Phonto is the answer. It comes with more than 200 fonts as well as the freedom to add your own fonts. With Phonto you can add a text, tap on it to modify its size, color, font face, letter spacing, line spacing, shadow, and much more.

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5. Font Studio – mobile typography workplace

10 Cool Typography Apps_Font Studio_classiblogger

Being one of the most popular typography apps on both Android and iOS, Font Studio offers over 120 stylish fonts to enhance your pictures. These fonts are highly customizable in terms of color, opacity, size and other features. You can also download more fonts of your choice.

6. Fontroid – unique typography social app

10 Cool Typography Apps_Fontroid_classiblogger

Fontroid is a one-of-a-kind typography social app that allows you to not only create your own handwriting fonts, but you can also share it with the world. You can draw your own font through your mobile phone, upload your best work and share the font with your friends or other people throughout the world. Fontroid is available on Android platform.

7. Quick – instant typography editor

10 Cool Typography Apps_Quick_classiblogger

For adding typography to your photos and images or editing type fonts on-the-go, Quick is the best typography app on iOS and Android stores. The best thing about Quick is that you get an instant preview of whichever font you apply to your photo which simply makes selecting the most suitable font easier.

8. Fontspiration – create inspirational fonts

10 Cool Typography Apps_Fontspiration_classiblogger

As the name says, Fontspiration lets you get inspiration from a showcase of typography from famous designers and then create a cool option for yourself. Most interesting feature of Fontspiration is creating custom typography with animation. The images you create can be saved or shared directly on Instagram.

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9. Font Candy – layer photos with awesome typography

10 Cool Typography Apps_Font Candy_classiblogger

Font Candy is an iOS typography app that offers you to mask your photos with cool typographic captions. You can also add text overlay on your images with interesting fonts. You can use the built-in artworks or templates or simply create your own layouts and share it on social media.

10. Notegraphy – beautify your words

10 Cool Typography Apps_Notegraphy_classiblogger

With more than 40 templates and 120 different variations, Notegraphy is an exciting typography app for both iOS and Android platforms. You can share the created artwork on social networks, or create a gallery. There is also an option on Notegraphy to follow famous users for inspiration.


There was a time when typography was something only graphic designers, typographers or calligraphers could do. However, today there are many interesting websites and typography libraries that enable you to create or choose among cool typography on your own. But wouldn’t it be more exciting to have a typography app in your mobile phone so you may do all kinds of typography on-the-go and any time you want? The aforementioned typography apps from both iOS and Android platform can enable you to experiment with your creative skills and produce cool typographic posters on-the-go.

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